Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Ok, so Virgin Megastore is closing.. the one in union square.. yeaa I know its sad..

Anyway, I found the best dvd ever!!!!!! It's the final performance show of Rent on Broadway!!! I am sooo happy. The play was so much better then the movie, and the fact that I know have the play on dvd is amazing. The only thing that would make it better would be if it was with the original cast.. but its ok I will take what I can get. lol

I also got Pollock on dvd and I thought of B. I miss him! =( But getting movies that he made us watch in class makes me happy. I'm making all my friends watch it cause its an ill movie =)

Oh yea and one more quick thing... nami said the absolute best quote ever!!!!!
"Opposites attract especially when the sex is good." ahahaha love her!

Monday, April 27, 2009

day at the park =)

So, today I had a fun? filled day. It started just like any other normal day, wake up a tad bit late.. rush for class you know the usual, lol. During class Sarah texted me and said she would help me with my cleaning my room... since we saw a roach.. yes a roach.. ughh I know its soo gross but, it happens.. city+dorm life=bugs. Anyway, she came at like 2 and we started to clean.. well I should say Lill and her started to clean I was filling out a job application for Uniqlo (which I have an interview for!! yess I have an interview at Uniqlo on Thursday YAY). Anyway they cleaned and I helped a bit and then we left.

Sarah had work so Lill and I went to Central Park. She wanted to write and I figured I'd draw a bit. So we walked to Central Park... yea walked from 27th and 7th to 59th and broadway lol. Not that far, but far enough lol. When we got there I ate the food I brought and just chilled out. I started to draw and do some cool thing sin my sketchbook. I had this really cool idea to just listen to some of the things people were saying and write them down. It came out really cool. There are pics below. I also did this cool little sketch.. but that wasn't the great part.. This old school PIMP came up to us lol. He was talking to everyone and came up to us. He asked us for a cigarette (we said no, obviously) and then continued to ramble on about fruit and how they blend it and make drinks people pay for. I dont know.. it was realll funny though lol. I took a pic of him too lol hahahahaha. It was too good to pass up, I mean come one, how many times does a pimp from like the 70's come up to you haha. He looked like he was stuck in the past.

Anyway, while at the park, Claire called me and was flipping about the roach. So we walked back to school to clean more. I literally used a whole can of raid ughh.. talk about getting high off of fumes lol hahahahaha.

After being in that kitchen for wayy too long, we left to get food.. We walked to St. marks to get ramen and bubble tea (yummmmm). After that I walked her to Union Square and then back here. =)

I feel like I walked everywhere today. From here to central park then back here.. then here to st marks to back here. But I feel pretty accomplished, if I say so myself. Did some good things in my sketch book, cleaned up, killed some bugs.. good day lol hahahahahahaha

included some pics from the park and two of my drawings I did today... =)


a cute little girl I saw at the park =)


The random quotes at central parkkk

sketchhh =)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


sometimes we let the past get in the way of our present.. but when that happens we just have to remember, the past is in the past and the present is now. we are making our present by the choices we make everyday.

oo and dont ever let people make you feel lesser then you are, because most definitely you are better then those people ever will be.

always be who you are, no matter what people say.

So yea, I am having like ultimate add right now and my mind is running in 100 different places. I think I just need lots of sleep, its just that my mind cant rest. Ugh. Three more weeks left of school, and then home for summer. A summer that I am most definitely not looking forward too. I just feel like it is goin to suck.. alot. Hopefully I'm wrong and my friends will surprise me, but I just don't know.

Ok well, class tomorrow and I need sleep. Be back tomorrow. Going to try to update this thing more often.