Friday, March 20, 2009

settlers of catan!!!! - oh yea and welcome

Yesterday was the first time I actually won Settlers of Catan!! And I had to share my excitement!! The first time I played it was Christmas with my cousins. After a few months of not playing it i got the sudden urge to buy the game, so my friend and I went on a hunt for the game. We finally found it in this real nerdy game store, but it was $50. I figured it as worth the price and bought the game. I taught some of my friends how to play and of course... I lost every time lol. But finally after playing this game with everyone for weeks and weeks, I WON!! =) YAY lol ... True I probably wont win again, but I FINALLY I DID!!

So, for all of you who don't know this game, it is a German strategy game. It won game of the year in 1995 in Germany and Best fantasy or science fiction board game in 1996. This game is so addicting!! Everyone should play it at least once in their lives... even though it does cost quite a bit of cash.. and each extension is about $50. But trust me it is so worth it. =)

Thanks to my cousins, I am completely addicted to this game.. oh and so are my friends!! hahaha

Oh yeah, welcome to my blog. Its just going to consist of some things I find cool and interesting. Hope you like! =)
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